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"Just as yoga identifies the obstacles you may encounter along the way, so too does it suggest ways to help overcome them. It is a great help to work with a teacher who can show you how to stick with the discipline you have chosen."

—T.K.V. Desikachar

Amy Gordon, owner of Amy's Yoga with a Heart, has been practicing and teaching yoga for over four decades on the Main Line as well as leading workshops nationally and internationally. She is an authorized yoga instructor (yoga alliance and yoga research society) also certified in first, second degree and master level in reiki (energy balancing and healing). Amy is also a meditation, nutritional and life coach, a mother of three and grandmother to a tiny yogi.

Amy has had the privilege to study with the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and the Jois family in India. Her personal daily yoga practice is a gift she wishes to share, one that empowers her to open and connect to her heart and her students'. Amy strives in her teaching to help each student accept, embrace and love who they are NOW! She is motivated by a desire to empower others to connect with their truth and highest state of being which is "divine health and happiness." Amy’s teaching style creates an environment that enables students to safely release stress, heal, meditate, and rediscover balance of mind, body and spirit!

First studying yoga with Grace Stern while still in high school (1973) Amy has continued her practices in yoga, pranayama, reiki, chakra balancing, transcendental meditation and macrobiotics.

Amy gives thanks to her many teachers and feels especially privileged to include among them,

Christine Hoar, Nancy Gilgoff, Sharath, Saraswati (in Mysore, India) and dearly cherished Pattabhi Jois (Guruji) and Manju

Annie Pace

David Swenson

Tim Miller

Vijayendra Pratap, Ph.D.

Judy Freedman

Karin Stephan

Darby and JoAnn

Mary Flinn

Sarah Powers

Andrew Eppler

Beryl Bender Birch

Andrew Eppler

Patricia Walden

Rodney Yee

Richard Freeman

Dee Silver

Gurmukh Khalsa

Maty Ezraty

Amrit Desai

Donna Farhi

Dona Holleman

Seanne Corn

Godfrey Devereux

Gabreilla Giubilaro

 David Williams

Majoring in communications & dance at George Washington University, Amy studied ballet with Sondra Fortune and Diane Hunt of the Capital Ballet Company and performed with Maida Wither’s Modern Dance Company, "D.C. Construction Co." 1977-1978. She studied health care and nutrition at George Washington University Graduate School. She trained in the Laban dance/movement technique through a Temple U Graduate Dance program. Amy began creative movement, pre-ballet and yoga instruction to children at the Hegvik Music School in 1985, and went on to teach at

14 area schools.

She has taught yoga to middle and upper school students of the Baldwin School as part of their phys ed. program, the teachers of the Notre Dame Academy, visually impaired students at the Associated Services for the Blind (A.S.B.) of Philadelphia, the Girl Scouts at Sacred Heart and Ithan Elementary, the Conestoga High School crew team, wheelchair bound students, and students with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and parkinson's disease adapting the practice to each students' needs. Amy also works with the crew, lacrosse, track, and field hockey teams, the physical education dept. and the teachers of Radnor High School.

Amy has taught yoga at the Lankenau and Bryn Mawr Hospitals through Women’s Health Source (a division of Jefferson Health Care). She has instructed rehabilitative gentle yoga to recovering heart patients and prenatal yoga at Bryn Mawr Hospital through the Main Line Health system's alternative healing program. She has led a one week yoga workshop each summer since 1992 at the International Kushi Institute Macrobiotic Summer Conference Children’s Camp in New England & Camp Treetops in Lake Placid, NY. She has taught as a visiting guest artist at the Virginia Waters Cathedral in England, in Paris, France, Israel and at the Power Yoga Club of New Hampshire. Amy has taught five yoga/dance classes to 120 energetic children of the Lane Montessori School in Wayne PA for 11 years and at The Gladwyne Montessori School in Gladwyne, PA and adults in the evening classes at The Learning Studio in Malvern, PA. More recently Amy taught Yoga to the teachers & leaders of the National Youth Leadership Council at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in the Spring of 2006.

Amy is pleased to return to Rosemary Court Yoga in Sarasota, FL on January 24, 2016 ( *VOTED BEST YOGA IN SARASOTA) after a beautiful and popular Ashtanga workshop there in Dec. 2013.

Amy taught an amazing workshop " experience the liberation and magical brilliance of the ashtanga primary this perfect and deliberate sequence is designed for all levels and ages to unlock the body safely with breath as the key (how can we embrace the breath to free the mind and body)" at "namas-day", an annual philly-yoga celebration, October 2014. Amy was honored to offer yoga in Laughlin, Neveda in November, 2015 for the Starworks USA Symposium: Technology and Consciousness.

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